The Old Man
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The Old Man

The Samurai series is here!

When I had the opportunity to create the Colorado Skateboards graphic, “Kung fu” was definitely
the focus. Remember Kung Fu Theater? I grew up on that. All of the disciplines were awesome! From
drunken fu fighting to samurai sword play. Flips and rad moves. I look at skateboarding in the same
way. Everyone has their own style or discipline. So much variation exists in skateboarding, more than
any sport out there. Here’s to Kung fu…flips and rad moves!
-Lane Whiteside -artist

The Old Man is the drunken foo fighter. The snake represents his ability to fool the eye. Nothing is as
it seems.
-Lane Whiteside

This is the 7.75

*griptape NOT included

All 4 Samurai decks make 1 painting

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